Return policy

As part of the sales policy of Duy Tan, with the aim of pleasing customers to come, please go when experiencing the product. Duy Tan makes a commitment with customers to be returned within 30 days in case the defective product is caused by the manufacturer.

Specifically, the return policy is applied as follows:

From the day when the customer receives the product, which is the 1st day, to the 30th day, if the customer discovers that the product has technical defects or is cracked, torn due to production, it will be exchanged or returned the product to Duy Tan.

Steps to return:

+ Customers contact the company to respond to the product status.
The company received and considered and identified the cause.

If determining that the product is defective due to production, the customer will be resolved as follows:

+ Change to new product with the right model for customers.

+ In case of out of product to exchange:

– Customers can decide to wait to receive the right product with the correct model.

– Customers can decide to change to the same product group.

– Customers can change to another product with similar price. If changing to a product with a higher price, the customer needs to pay the difference.

Customers canceling the order will refund the amount equivalent to the selling price of the product.

The product determines the error caused by the user:

Not eligible to pay according to the regulations of Duy Tan.

The product does not retain 100% of its original shape.

The product is scratched and the tip is broken due to impact

In case of defective products due to user, the company will support maintenance and a surcharge of 36% in case of needing to replace accessories.

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