Warranty Policy

Warranty Policy
Duy Tan is dedicated to customer care in all aspects from consulting to professional post-purchase remuneration policy that brings the most benefits to customers.

The general warranty applies to all products as follows:

  • Return within 30 days for manufacturing defect.
  • Lifetime maintenance for all products.
  • For products that are in warranty period, the company will maintain all of them free of charge and support 36% of the cost for the equipment to be replaced.

After the warranty period expires, all of your products have problems with damage and need to be repaired, Duy Tan still receives and supports maintenance.

Warranty policy up to 25 years.

Duy Tan is an effective activity with criteria and quality products for users. Therefore, for each genuine product, Duy Tan is guaranteed to have quality and has an official warranty signal, there are products with a 25-year warranty.

Besides the company warranty policy, each manufacturer brand Duy Tan has a policy preservation period

Above is some information about genuine warranty firms distributed by Duy Tan. For products developed in the future, Duy Tan will continuously update the warranty of the transparency policy to customers. You need to provide information product advice, Duy Tan’s privacy policy Please leave information or call 0932943626 for guidance and advice fastest!

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